1. How can I apply?

A) You can apply online or walk in to our office. The easy way will be contacting our customer service officer at 6337 9719.

2. What are the documents require?

A) For Singaporean/Permanent resident of Singapore

  • NRIC/Passport
  • Latest Original Payslip
  • CPF statements
  • Income tax Statements.
  • Original PUB Bill or Handphone Bill stating your residential address.

B) For Foreigner

  • Latest 3 Months Payslip
  • Appointment Letter from your Company.
  • Tenancy Agreement
  • Your Singapore Employment Pass and Valid Passport.
  • Bank Statement which your company bank in your salary.
3. What if I cannot go within the operation hours?

A) Call us to arrange for appointment.

4. How do I know whether my loan is approved?

A) We will inform you once your loan is approval.

5. Can i still apply loan if my credit is not perfect?

A) Yes, We customise a loan package that is suitable for you.

6. If my loan is approved, can I reject it?

A) Yes you may reject the loan as long as the official agreement is not signed.

7. Can I reloan after i paid off my loan?

A) Yes,we will grant you another loan provided you are eligible at time of application subjected to rule and regulations under moneylender acts.

8. Can I reloan if i already had an existing loan?

A) Yes, pay us a visit or drop us a call find out. We will be glad to assist you further.

9. What do i need to upon my loan approved?

A) You need to come down to our office to sign the documents.

10. How much am I eligible to apply for?

A) If your monthly salary is from S$1,700 to S$2,499 you may apply for a maximum of up to 2 times of your monthly salary. If is S$2,500 or more, you may apply for a maximum of up to 4 times of your monthly salary.

11. Can I give you my bank account number or SingPass through phone?

A) No, legal Licensed Moneylender in Singapore will not ask for bank account number or SingPass through phone. It is unlawful under the Money Lenders Act.

12. Where can I check for legal Licensed moneylender in Singapore

A) You check it out at www.ipto.gov.sg

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